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By making this booking, you are committing to a place on the stated course or conference and to be bound by ILM’s terms and conditions.


Course fees should be paid in one of the following ways within 30 days of this invoice:

Cheque: Made payable to the Institute of Legacy Management and sent to ILM at PO Box 73328, LONDON, W5 9QD

BACS: Institute of Legacy Management



This booking is made in the name stated however a substitute delegate will be allowed to take the place of the original delegate without any further fee provided:

  1. At least 48 hours’ notice is given to ILM; and
  2. The substitute delegate’s rate is not higher than the rate of the original booking.

Any substitution within 24 hours of the course is at the discretion of ILM.

Any substitution should be notified to ILM as soon as possible by emailing

Transferring Course

Transferring course or conference booking to another course or conference is generally not permitted. However, ILM may at its discretion allow this in exceptional circumstances provided:

  1. A transfer request is received in writing setting out the reason(s) a transfer is being sought and nominating a substitution.
  2. The substitute course or conference nominated falls within the same calendar year as the original course.
  3. The appropriate administrative charge is received (see below).

Administrative charges for course or conference transfers will apply as follows:

  • Transfer requests received 1 month or more prior to the course or conference date = no additional charge
  • Transfer requests received less than 1 month prior to the course or conference date = £25.00
  • Transfer requests received 7 days or less prior to the course or conference date = £50.00

All written requests to transfer course or conference bookings should be addressed to and no agreement to transfer should be inferred until written confirmation has been received from ILM. Invoices for transfer fees will only be issued where a transfer has been authorised and you are asked not to send payment with your transfer request.

Cancellation of Place

If you wish to cancel your place on the course or conference you must notify ILM in writing at

Refunds will be applicable as follows:

  •  Cancellations received more than 6 months prior to the course or conference will be entitled to a full refund.
  • Cancellations received between 3 and 6 months prior to the course or conference will be entitled to a 75% refund subject to an administrative fee of £25.00
  • Cancellations received less than 3 months prior to the course or conference will not be eligible for a refund.


Changes to course dates

On rare occasions it may be necessary for ILM to reschedule a course or conference to another date. In these circumstances delegates will be provided with as much notice as possible and offered the option of transferring their booking or a full refund: no administrative charges will be levied. ILM will not, however, be liable for any associated costs incurred by the delegate such as travel and accommodation.

Please note that ILM is unable to offer refunds or reimbursements (in part or in full) if a course or conference does not take place for reasons outside its control.

Changes to course content

ILM reserves the right to revise course or conference content and/or speakers at any time to reflect changes in legislation and/or other circumstances.

Neither ILM nor its in house speakers are qualified to give legal advice and notes provided by ILM should not be relied upon as legal advice.  ILM cannot accept liability for any loss that may be incurred by such reliance.

Other Terms

ILM cannot accept responsibility for delegates’ personal belongings or valuables and these should be brought to courses and conferences at the delegate’s own risk.

ILM reserves the right to remove any delegate for unsuitable, offensive or inappropriate language or behaviour and no refund will be given in this situation.

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