CiCLA Overview

The ILM Certificate in Charity Legacy Administration is now available to ILM members. Designed by the University of Law together with practising Legacy Professionals, the course aims to benefit the Legacy Professional looking for an understanding of the subject up to a good intermediate level.

At the end of the course you will:

  • Be aware of the procedural steps which are taken when a person dies
  • Understand the significance of a grant of representation
  • Recognise the matters which may make a will invalid
  • Be able to distinguish assets which pass under a will from assets which pass independently of a will
  • Recognise the circumstances in which a member of the deceased’s family or dependants can challenge a will
  • Be able to read a will and understand the effect of its main provisions
  • Be aware of the powers and duties of executors of a will and the rights of beneficiaries
  • Have an understanding of Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax, and how charities’ exemptions can be effectively used to increase benefit
  • Understand the function of estate accounts and be able to read a simple set
  • Be aware of the ways in which it is possible to challenge a solicitor’s bill
  • Be aware of the circumstances in which it is possible to vary a will
  • Be aware of a number of common issues that arise for beneficiary charities, such as ex-gratia claims and compromising legal claims.

The cost of the course for 2018 is £950, payable in advance. There is no further fee for assessment. (VAT is not applicable). To register for the course please click here.