Why I Studied CiCLA


Samantha Jackson, Cancer Research UK:

“I don’t have a legal background, so I thought it would be useful to take the course. I wanted to stay in the Legacy Administration sector and it’s a key qualification to have. It has really broadened my knowledge and clarifying key areas of the law.

“Most legacy roles ask for CiCLA as a qualification – having it will be great for my CV and it will help my legacy career greatly.  

“It is an excellent foundation to have – I have found it extremely useful as it has put the facts (such as IHT and the laws of inheritance) into context.”

Viet-Anh Hua, Development Manager (Legacies), LSE Advancement, London School of Economics and Political Science:

“I was interested in gaining a better understanding of the legacy administration process, as my current role focuses on the marketing and relationship management side of legacies. At a networking event attended by other ILM members I was recommended the CiCLA qualification. It was clear from the information provided online what you would learn from the course and not only how I would benefit as a student, but my organisation too.

“Although I don’t intend to make the administration process a part of my current role, knowing the steps involved and the issues that arise from legacy gifts can only be helpful when looking to maximise the income for the organisation I work for.

“I would highly recommend the course to those new to legacy administration (or simply want to understand the process in its entirety like me), but equally to those who are already involved in the process. In terms of the latter, it is a great way of re-confirming your knowledge.”

Rosalyn Leclercq, Legacy Officer at the Essex Wildlife Trust

“I would definitely recommend this course. It has really boosted my confidence in my subject matter and I can  use the materials for reference even after the course. The revision sessions were daunting at first but I had a fantastic mentor, Jane, who ensured I was on the right path and helped me if I was unsure of any areas.