Date:  27th June 2018
Time: 9.45 am for 10.00 am start – 4.30 pm
Venue: Foot Anstey, London
Who should attend: Any ILM members, legacy staff
Cost: ILM Members £230; Non-members £280

Description: This course led by the team from Foot Anstey will cover the following situations through case study and discussion / presentation:

       Where charity is a trustee and beneficiary and they are managing a resident life tenant
       Where charity is co-owner of land with family beneficiaries and they don’t want to sell the land now (they think it has good planning potential) but charities don’t – how to unlock the situation
       Where executor is not taking a pro-active role in selling land as there is some difficulty or complexity with the land
       Where charity is beneficiary of estate and the estate comprises a property that needs to be sold but there is a family or friend residing in the property who is vulnerable, for example old or suffering from mental health difficulties or might have a potential claim against the estate as a financial dependent – what can or should you do?
Session 1 – To maximising value (the basics!) start by solving the problems!
       What have you got?
       What might the issues be?
o    Third party rights (easements, covenants, village greens)
o    Occupiers (see below)
       Dealing with lay or not-co-operative Executors
–   Case Study  
Session 2  – Trust scenarios
       When to leave the Executors to take the lead;
       When to step in and make suggestions
o    Anna’s input on getting early advice on development potential and planning issues);
o    Delay and tax implications eg CGT
–    Differences in approach where your charity is a trustee
–    When to insist upon a s.119 or other valuation
o    s.119 and surveyor’s advice on adding value (including brief examples on lease extensions and development potential and how to highlight options through a s.119)
       Take it or leave it (remember you can disclaim!)
       Case Study
Session 3 – Vulnerable occupiers
       Your rights and their rights
       A quick overview on capacity
       How to ‘manage’ the matter at arms-length
–   Case Study
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