A Lasting Legacy

March 20, 2023

Will disputes are on the rise and mental capacity is an ever-growing issue. Is it time for the law to be modernised as the landscape shifts?

A Lasting Legacy is a new campaign from ILM Corporate Partner Farrer & Co’s Contentious Trusts and Estates and Private Client teams. In an innovative five-chapter video series they investigate the spectrum of mental health issues that impact will-making by those who are vulnerable in society and consider the extent to which the law in this area has stood the test of time in the face of an ageing population.

They also explore the tension between safeguarding the vulnerable whilst enabling autonomy in decision making, and consider what the legal industry can do to empower the vulnerable to have a say in the legacy that they leave.

A Lasting Legacy - Farrer & CoSeries Chapters

  1. The Twilight Zone: Is the law doing enough to support individuals with mental health vulnerabilities in making their last will? Is there enough protection in the law for those suffering from the early stages of dementia. Watch [5 mins]
  2. The Picture on the Ground: A look at the factors in the UK that are exposing people to manipulative behaviours, including pressures on the care industry, increasing asset values and fraudsters actively targeting people with dementia. Watch [3 mins]
  3. A Legal Perspective: An explanation of the legal framework for safeguarding the vulnerable. This chapter considers whether technological advances present an opportunity or a threat, and where the balance lies between autonomy in decision-making, and protection from abuse. Watch [5 mins]
  4. A Medical Perspective: How legal practitioners can work with the medical profession to ensure that cognitive ability is properly examined, reducing the risk of abuse for those who are vulnerable. Watch [4 mins]
  5. What’s Next?: How could the law be modernised to provide more protection for the vulnerable? Watch [5 mins]

Meet the expert team featured in this video series.


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