An Introduction to Will to Give

June 5, 2024

Will to Give is a membership based charity, set up to help encourage legacy giving in Northern Ireland. Its membership is made up of an ever-growing group of charities, of varying size and scale, from small local charities to large multi-national organisations.  

Member charities cover a broad range of causes and provide services locally, nationally and internationally. Will to Give has grown considerably from its inception in January 2011 and today is delighted to have over 60 active charity members whose representatives meet monthly both in-person and online.

Will to Give is managed by a voluntary committee of representatives, drawn from its member charities, supported by four sub-committees. It utilises the collective strength and skills of its members to influence key audiences in Northern Ireland including the Will-writing public, the legal profession and statutory bodies.

Will to Give promotes Will-writing and encourages people to consider leaving a charitable gift in their Will. They do this through an annual awareness week campaign, Will to Give week and by working with the legal profession with their free Partner in Kindness scheme.

Will to Give offers two tiers of membership to charities. Tier 1 is aimed at smaller charities embarking on their legacy fundraising journey. Tier 2 includes the monthly Wills Notification Service, delivered in partnership with Sector Matters and the NI Probate Office, which provides each Tier 2 charity member with a copy of the Wills in which they have received a charitable gift.

All members benefit from the monthly Wills Notification Report which lists all charitable organisations who have received a gift as well as the solicitors preparing the Wills. Will to Give also provides ongoing training and peer to peer support to its members as well as providing relevant data to Legacy Foresight on an annual basis to allow for further insight into legacy giving trends in Northern Ireland.

Will to Give welcomes new members and you can find out more here.


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