Bursary winners announced

May 20, 2018

The winners of the Crispin Ellison bursary award were announced at ILM’s annual conference on 11th May. The winners were Mel Banham, Bransby Horses and Jenny Anne Dexter, Rainbow Trust.

Mel said:

Mel Banham

“I was so excited and got a real buzz when I found out that I was one of the bursary winners. I have long realised the immense value of legacies to good causes and am humbled by the generosity of so many people who support charities in this way.

“I applied because I am passionate about respecting the memory of those who leave legacies to their chosen charities and wanted to do my best by gaining a qualification to help me be as effective as possible.

“I’m really looking forward to studying for the Certificate in Charity Legacy Administration. It will help me be more effective so that, in turn, I can help create and fulfil a positive quality legacy giving culture.  Undertaking the CiCLA will be of enormous help to my work at Bransby Horses, currently celebrating its 50th anniversary caring for equines in need. It will also allow me to develop my career potential for the future.

“Thank you so much to Crispin Ellison, Legacy Link and ILM for making this opportunity possible.”

Jenny said:

Jenny receiving her award from Crispin Ellison

“I was thrilled and a little stunned when I found out I was one of the bursary winners. There were, I expect, no shortage of deserving and dedicated legacy administrators in the running.

“Rainbow Trust is a relatively small charity, with few resources, so this was a rare opportunity for me to be able to contribute by securing important external training. We have no legacy specialists in-house, and so the knowledge to be gained from this qualification will no doubt save the charity valuable funds which otherwise would have to be spent on external support. I am incredibly enthusiastic about legacy administration, so I knew that if I was successful, I would take my studies very seriously.

“In addition to saving the charity valuable funds and maximising legacy income, studying CICLA will enable me to share my learnings internally, with my colleagues, thus widening the pool of knowledge throughout the organisation. I also hope to use the opportunity to engage more with other charities, and support more smaller charities by acting as lead charity in the management of large charitable estates.”

The bursary was set up last year to support the professional development of legacy professionals working or volunteering in the charity sector. It enables two people to complete a Certificate in Charity Legacy Administration, or CiCLA qualification.

Developed by the Institute of Legacy Management in collaboration with the University of Law, the CiCLA is the only nationally accredited legacy qualification in the UK. It equips participants with a thorough understanding of the principles and practicalities of the legacy administration process.

By Sonya Dallat


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