CiCLA update

November 17, 2023

ILM is partnering with education consultant Dr Grant Coleby to carry out a review of the current Certificate in Charity Legacy Administration (CiCLA) qualification.

CEO Matthew Lagden says: “It is only right that from time-to-time we review our training materials to ensure they are fit for purpose and best meet the needs of our members. Grant’s experience and expertise will help us to determine if changes are required, at which point we will consider the best way forward.”

The review, which will take place throughout 2024, will include a member focus group.

Matthew added: “I want to make it absolutely clear to members that it is business as usual with the current CiCLA qualification. Those who are already signed up will not see any changes and, if anyone is thinking about starting their CiCLA studies in 2024, then I urge them to go-ahead and register, so they can benefit from gaining new skills to help their future careers.”

Dr Coleby has worked in the education sector for almost 20 years and has vast experience of successfully project managing the development of many qualifications and frameworks across various sectors, including leadership and management, and coaching and mentoring.

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