Collaboration in Philanthropy: Laying to rest some myths

April 26, 2024

Matthew Lagden (CEO, the ILM) appeared as a guest speaker at the Collaboration in Philanthropy event, for local STEP members and charities, held at Winchester Cathedral on 24 April.

Inside Winchester Cathedral
Inside Winchester Cathedral

The event was aimed at increasing understanding between charity beneficiaries and the legal sector and improving key relationships.

The key focus of discussions was in finding efficient and effective ways of working together and for attendees to hear more about regulatory and governance requirements to maintain competence and legal knowledge. 

Matthew held a talk on: “Working collaboratively to help make the probate sector function more effectively. Supporting and promoting charity legacy giving”.

Other speakers at the event included Gill Steel, who will be familiar to readers of Today’s Wills and Probate, and Tom Dumont KC who has spoken at many ILM events.

Matthew said: “We spoke about developments in will writing and contentious probate, the issues with the probate registry, and what information charities need and why they need it.

“It was a great opportunity to share the issues our members are facing, to lay to rest some myths, and to understand more about the pressures facing private client lawyers.

“At the end of the event we even got a free tour of the Cathedral (which you should absolutely visit if you get the chance) and an opportunity to see a will from 1536, leaving £50 to the Cathedral. According to the Bank of England, this would be worth £34,000 now, which is very close to the average value of a legacy in 2024.

A will from 1536
A will from 1536, leaving £50 to the Cathedral, equivalent to £34,000 in today’s money

“I was delighted to discover that one of my fellow speakers, Tom Dumont KC was one of the founding members of the ILM!

“I would like to thank the development team at Winchester Cathedral for inviting me to speak at this insightful event”.

By Katie Hayward


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