Communicating in a time of mourning

September 9, 2022

Following the very sad news that the Queen has passed away, Remember A Charity has put together some suggestions around communications, which some of our members might find useful.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to communications at this time, but any external communication will certainly need to be considered carefully and sensitively. You may wish to look at the Government’s National Mourning Guidance

During the national mourning period (likely to be at least 10 days), organisations are often advised to pause public events and communications (across social channels, PR, advertising and marketing).

What does this mean for you?

You may wish to consider these steps:

  • Pausing proactive communications (PR, marketing, advertising and social activity) for at least the initial stage of the mourning period and reviewing this as time progresses. Exceptions include issuing factual statements about what’s happened, expressing condolences, highlighting relevant charitable services and positive links with the Queen (e.g. royal patronage), and informing the public that you will be minimising communications;
  • Remembering to pause, delay or review any scheduled social posts;
  • Postponing events or campaigns for the mourning period;
  • Developing a reactive Q&A for any campaigns or projects planned during this time;
  • Issuing regular communications updates and guidance to staff, board members and volunteers, remembering to inform any third party agencies;
  • Reviewing these decisions at key intervals during the mourning period.

Chartered Institute of Fundraising has also issued its own guidance, which you can read here.

By Institute of Legacy Management


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