Identifying and Dealing with Pre-Death Fraud

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This course focuses on fraud that is committed pre-death – though the fraud itself will often only come to light after a person has died. It sets out some of the more common circumstances in which a fraudulent act might occur before a person dies, what the legal tests/issues are in relation to those circumstances, and what warning signs you can look out for. It also covers what initial steps you can take should you suspect that there has been a fraud committed somewhere along the line.

What you will learn

  • How to identify an incident of pre-death fraud;
  • What steps to take to prevent or deal with pre-death fraud if it has occurred; and
  • How donatio mortis causa (also known as ‘deathbed gifts’), undue influence, forged wills and lasting powers of attorney might give rise to pre-death fraud.

Completing the course

You must mark each section complete in order to successfully complete the course, but you can return to the sections at any point. At the end of the course you will complete a quiz, which can be retaken if you do not reach the pass mark of 80%. You will also be asked to submit a short written assignment. Upon successful completion of the quiz and assignment, you will receive your certificate!

Once enrolled, you can also download and print the full course notes and a one-page reference guide from the materials section. We recommend printing the full course notes before you take the quiz.

You will still be able to access the course in full at any time from the My Account section of the website, even after you have completed it.

About the authors

Robert Oakley, Bates Wells

Rob is the Head of Bates Wells’ Dispute Resolution department. For over 20 years Rob has helped hundreds of charities prevent and resolve a wide range of disputes, from contested trusts and probate disputes, to fraud and asset recovery claims, contract and grant disputes, reputational matters, and intellectual property disputes, among others.

Jaqui Symcox, Bates Wells

Jaqui is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution department at Bates Wells. She helps charities and trustees manage and resolve probate and legacy issues of all kinds. She also frequently works with charities to resolve trust and contract disputes, governance issues and charity fraud, and she helps charities to deal with Serious Incident Reporting and duty of care and liabilities issues.

Robert and Jaqui have written the course material on Identifying and dealing with pre-death fraud.  


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