Instructing Solicitors – A Practical Guide

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This course will consider various scenarios which may arise when instructing solicitors to advise a charity and to ensure the instructions are concise, accurate and request what is required.  

What you will learn

  • When it is appropriate for a charity to instruct a solicitor;  
  • The things that the charity needs to watch out for when instructing a solicitor;  
  • What information the letter of instruction needs to contain, including the type of supporting evidence to be provided; and 
  • The different types of professional advice available to the charity. 

Completing the course

You must mark each section complete in order to successfully complete the course, but you can return to the sections at any point. At the end of the course you will complete a quiz, which can be retaken if you do not reach the pass mark of 80%. You will also be asked to submit a short written assignment. Upon successful completion of the quiz and assignment, you will receive your certificate!

Once enrolled, you can also download and print the full course notes and a one-page reference guide from the materials section. We recommend printing the full course notes before you take the quiz.

You will still be able to access the course in full at any time from the My Account section of the website, even after you have completed it.

About the author

Daniel Pepper spent 14 years in legal private practice in London dealing with criminal and civil litigation as well as wills and both contentious and non-contentious probate matters. After a period living abroad, he changed his field and went into the legacy world as the Legacy Officer for the UJIA (Untiled Jewish Israel Appeal), dealing with all areas of legacy administration and marketing. After 13 years Daniel moved to the MS Society, running the Legacy Administration Department for four years before joining RNIB where he is now the Senior Legacy Income Manager.

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