Managing a Legacy Team

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Managing a legacy team is a great privilege but can of course have its challenges

The aim of this course is to highlight some of the key considerations and to suggest some of the options available.  

What you will learn

  • How to manage a legacy team effectively;  
  • What the responsibilities of legacy managers are;  
  • How to build relationships with key teams within the charity; and  
  • What to consider when structuring the team and allocating cases. 

Completing the course

You must mark each section complete in order to successfully complete the course, but you can return to the sections at any point. At the end of the course you will complete a quiz, which can be retaken if you do not reach the pass mark of 80%. You will also be asked to submit a short written assignment. Upon successful completion of the quiz and assignment, you will receive your certificate!

Once enrolled, you can also download and print the full course notes and a one-page reference guide from the materials section. We recommend printing the full course notes before you take the quiz.

You will still be able to access the course in full at any time from the My Account section of the website, even after you have completed it.

About the author

James Stebbings, Macmillan Cancer Support

James is the Head of Legacy Income at Macmillan Cancer Support. James has had over nine years of legacy administration experience. Previously, he worked for Cancer Research UK.  

James is also a member of the board at the Institute of Legacy Management.


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