A new webinar collaboration – ILM, IDR Law & Radcliffe Chambers

Event details

Date: 25th September 2023
Time: 12:00PM
Venue: Online

This event has already happened.

This autumn, the ILM, Radcliffe Chambers and IDR Law unite in a series of insightful, tailored webinars.

In the first session, Cara Hough (Partner, IDR Law) and Kate Selway KC (Barrister, Radcliffe Chambers) will discuss ‘How to Prepare for Court’ with lots of practical takeaways.

Specifically aimed at legal teams working with or in charities and Charity Legacy Officers.

Kate and Cara will be covering:

  • The types of inheritance a charity can receive
  • The types of estate claims that charities could be involved in
  • The evidence gathering process
  • Mediation and much more

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