Building Confidence & Resilience for Career Success

Event details

Date: 17th October 2018
Time: 9.30am for a 9.45am start – 5pm
Venue: Bloodwise, 39-40 Eagle St, London WC1R 4TH
Who should attend: Suitable for anyone

This event has already happened.

As you progress in your career in legacy management, you are very likely facing increasing challenges and pressures.  You’ll probably be dealing with a lot – managing stakeholder relationships, coping with complexity and change, juggling myriad demands on your time, lobbying for resources, to name just some.  No matter how qualified you are on the technical front, it’s very easy to end up feeling stressed, to lose confidence and to feel knocked back and doubt yourself when things don’t work out as planned.

Feeling truly confident and being resilient are two essential skills that will enable you to bring your best with authority, interact more effectively with others (especially those you find difficult) and deal with challenging situations.  Developing these skills will help you to succeed – and, more importantly, enjoy your success – as you build your career within legacy management.
Using real and relevant examples of the challenges and pressures you face in your day-to-day working lives, this one-day experiential training programme will help you to unlock inner confidence and build resilience.  In a supportive environment with sensitive and expert guidance, you will learn how to feel confident to your core and how to develop your resilience so you can bring your best to whatever challenges you are facing and bounce back in the face of adversity.
There will be no more than 12 participants in the group.