Free seminar: Financial Abuse and Fraud

Event details

Date: 20th January 2020
Time: 9am-12.30pm
Venue: Bolt Burdon, Providence House, Providence Place, N1 0NT
Who should attend: All those involved with legacies

This event has already happened.

Our corporate partner Bolt Burdon will be hosting a free half-day seminar looking at contentious probate. The day will be split into three sessions as follows:

  1. An overview of: the duties of attorneys acting under a Lasting Powers of Attorney, common signs of financial abuse and how to spot it.
  2. Information gathering – what to look out for when you are dealing with an estate, what information executors are required to provide, how to connect the dots between the information you gather and any red flags re financial abuse.
  3. A case study panel discussion to discuss how charities can and should respond post-death to evidence of lifetime financial abuse of a testator. This will feature the presentation of a case study which sets out the facts of a typical case of financial abuse, broken down stage by stage as the case progresses from the moment it lands on the legacy officer’s desk to the conclusion of the dispute. The panel will work through the case study offering insights into how the various charities would typically respond to such issues, how their approaches differ and why, and two speakers from Bolt Burdon will help guide the charities through the steps they would advise them to take to recover funds on behalf of the estate. We will conclude the panel discussion by inviting questions/comments from the audience.

Registration will be from 9-9.30am, with the day ending at 12.30pm with a light lunch

This event is for ILM members only.