Mentoring – Transferring skills and sharing knowledge

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Date: 24th October 2024
Time: 11am - 12pm
Venue: Online via Zoom
Who should attend: Anyone interseted in Mentorship

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ILM Mentoring Platform Webinar

Mentoring – Transferring skills and sharing knowledge: the benefits of a mentor / mentee relationship and how to use the ILM mentoring platform to optimise the positive outcomes of coaching and mentoring.

A webinar delivered for ILM members by Chris Murray, co-founder and Director, PLD (Perform Learn Develop) and business partner to the ILM.

Learn more about the ILM Mentoring Programme. This webinar will cover the benefits of mentoring to your career and what mentees and mentors can gain from a mentoring relationship. The webinar will also show how ILM mentees can use the mentoring platform to find and connect with ILM mentors and use the tools provided on the platform to get the most out of a mentoring relationship.

The ILM mentoring platform helps industry professionals learn from each other, providing the opportunity to network as well as build meaningful professional relationships while developing your skills and career.

Register to find out:

  • How the ILM Mentoring programme can support you in your career objectives
  • The benefits of mentoring to mentees and mentors
  • How the ILM mentoring platform works and how to use it