Testate Estates – Risks to Executors

Event details

Date: 16th March 2022
Time: 11am
Venue: Online via Zoom
Who should attend: All those involved in legacies

This event has already happened.

Legacy Managers and Solicitors taking on the role of Executor also take on a level of risk, to themselves or their insurers. Missing beneficiaries, or distributing to the wrong beneficiaries can be incredibly damaging, both financially and reputationally. Estate Research have developed a suite of services for Executors to minimise and eliminate these risks.

This CPD-style presentation, presented by Dominic Hendry of Estate Research, will cover aspects of dealing with testate estates such as;

  1. Verifying that you have the correct beneficiaries under the Will
  2. Locating missing beneficiaries and free address checks
  3. Locating missing witnesses and Executors
  4. Vague clauses and class gifts
  5. Partial intestacy
  6. Low value legacies
  7. Indemnities for Executors