The Essentials Programme: Unit 3

Event details

Date: 7th June 2018 - 8th June 2018
Time: 9.45am-4.30pm
Venue: Michelmores, 12th Floor, 6 New St Square, London EC4A 3BF
Who should attend: Those new to legacy management or with responsibility for legacy income within their charities who have attended Units 1 & 2; Those wishing to learn more about contentious issues and non-English & Welsh jursidictions.

This event has already happened.

The ILM Essentials of Legacy Management course  will guide delegates through the essential information required to manage legacies effectively within the charity sector.

Whilst each unit is a stand-alone course, the three units progress through from the basics of legacy giving and probate law, to more complex areas such as taxation, property and non-English & Welsh jurisdictions.

In each area, it is essential that this technical expertise is partnered with sensitive communication, and the “softer skills” required to fulfil the role will also be covered, through sessions on communication skills, dealing with bereaved people and influencing.


Day 1: Contentious Probate
This introduction to contentious issues will look at subjects such as inheritance, validity and capacity issues, undue influence and estoppel.

Day 2: Non-English & Welsh Jurisdictions
Many estates now comprise cross-border issues, whether within the UK itself, Europe or further afield. We will therefore look at the main areas legacy officers come across, with expert tuition from ILM Corporate Partners practicing in each jurisdiction.

Day 2: Managing & Influencing
Having looked at various technical and communication issues throughout the three units of the Essentials programme, it is important not to overlook the work which many legacy officers must do internally within their own charity, such as information sharing and obtaining stakeholder buy-in. This session, led by ILM CEO Chris Millward, will guide delegates through this often difficult area.


  • Tony Cockayne – Michelmores
  • Peter Littlefield & Gavin McEwan – Turcan Connell
  • Jonathan Eshkeri – E&G Solicitors in Spain
  • Michael Graham & Jonathan Forrester – Cleaver Fulton Rankin
  • Chris Millward – CEO of ILM