FAQs re: CiCLA review 

November 17, 2023

FAQs re CiCLA review 

  1. Is CiCLA likely to change?

Once the review is completed, this will help us determine what steps may need to be taken. If changes are required, we can assure members that these will be communicated in an open and timely fashion.

  1. Will my current qualification still be valid?

We can reassure everyone who has a CiCLA qualification, is studying for one, or is planning to do so in the near future; that CiCLA will remain both a valid and accredited qualification within the legacy management sector.

  1. Should I put study plans on hold and wait until after your review?

No. The review is expected take sometime and we would encourage anyone who is thinking of studying for their CiCLA to go ahead and register in complete confidence that they will be able to complete their qualification.

  1. Why are you doing it now?

The last full CiCLA review took place over a decade ago. In the interests of ensuring our members have access to the best skills training and knowledge to help them further their careers, it is only right that we review the qualification to ensure it matches the requirements of a modern-day legacy professional.


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