FREE events for ILM members

January 15, 2021

ILM corporate partner Ashfords is running several free events in the coming weeks, all of which are free for ILM members. If you are an ILM member and are interested in any of the events listed here, you can click here to find out more and register.

Mental Capacity Webinar – hosted by Ashfords and Dr James Warner
11am on 19th January

Contentious probate litigation is rising; over 8,000 caveats are lodged against estates annually. A frequent reason for challenging a Will is the testator may have lacked mental capacity. This webinar will outline the key ingredients for a Testamentary Capacity claim (Banks v Goodfellow vs Mental Capacity Act 2005), initial steps you should take as a potential Defendant to such a claim, alternatives to litigation and the process of undertaking retrospective assessments of testamentary capacity.

Inheritance Tax Masterclasses – hosted by Ashfords

Session 1 – Introduction to Inheritance Tax
Tuesday 9th February, 11am

This is an introductory session and will be an overview of Inheritance Tax.

Session 2 – Inheritance Tax and Charity Beneficiaries  – to gross up or not to gross up?
Tuesday 23rd February, 11am

This is a more detailed session which will focus on the Inheritance Tax treatment where a person leaves the whole or part of their estate to charity.


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