ILM joins forces with TW&P for probate professionals’ survey

April 19, 2024

The Institute of Legacy Management has teamed up with Today’s Wills & Probate for a short survey asking probate professionals for their thoughts on dealing with charities.

ILM CEO Matthew Lagden, explains: “As charity legacy professionals, our members deal with solicitors and other probate professionals on a regular basis. It may be checking progress with the estate – particularly if there is property to be sold, or perhaps asking for figures and a timeline to help make decisions about new investment projects.

“We want to hear from TW&P readers about how they feel the communication process works with charities and if there are things they would like to see done differently. Overall, our aim is to understand how we can better work together to ensure the lasting gift left by an individual is delivered in a timely fashion and to the best of all our abilities.”

For more information about the TW&P, please click here.


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