ILM Public Probate Data | 12 Feb

March 1, 2024

One of the benefits of the modernisation of HMCTS’s systems is the high quality of data now available. Unfortunately, detailed data is not available prior to the new system being introduced in 2019, so a full comparison of performance cannot be achieved.

The data in these spreadsheets is mainly from public sources. However, we have adapted the spreadsheets combining data sets, giving us unbroken data from February 2020. We have also included ILM calculations of the “backlog”, which we define as the increase in case load at HMCTS since March 2019. This is calculated by observing that historically, 96% of applications result in a grant, then calculating how far short the actual output has been versus expectations. The ILM will continue to put pressure on HMCTS until the backlog, as we calculate it, returns to zero.

We hope you find these useful, please share them with anyone within your organisation who might find them interesting or useful. They will be updated monthly and made available on our website.

Click here to view the Probate Data [pdf]


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