ILM Public Probate Data | 10 Nov

November 10, 2023

We know that the situation with the Probate Registry is the number one concern facing our members. Our ILM Chair, James Stebbings has produced a series of charts which we hope will support you in projecting your income for the remainder of this year and 2024, and in understanding the broader context to the current situation.

The first chart ‘Annual Data’ gives the figures for the number of Grants produced in a year going back to 2012. The second chart ‘Monthly Data’ analyses monthly output going back to February 2020. The third chart ‘Quarterly Data’ shows the same information going back to 2019. The fourth chart ‘Quarterly – Timeliness’ shows the length of time it has taken to produce Grants going back to 2020.

We hope you find these useful, please share them with anyone within your organisation who might find them interesting or useful. They will be updated monthly and made available on our website.

Click here to view the Probate Data [pdf]


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