Justice Select Committee Probate Inquiry update

May 31, 2024

News that there will be a General Election on 4 July means that, as Parliament has been prorogued*, the Justice Committee will no longer be able to produce a report for the probate inquiry.

Instead, the outgoing Chair of the Justice Committee Sir Robert Neill KC (Hon), has written to the Minister setting out some of the issues raised during the inquiry, at which the ILM was represented alongside other charity sector representatives.

You can read the letter here: https://committees.parliament.uk/publications/45085/documents/223445/default/

A spokesperson for the Justice Committee thanked all those who had contributed evidence and said: “The evidence submitted and published will remain on the Committee’s website and we have no doubt that it will have a significant influence on future scrutiny the Probate Registry. After the General Election, there will be a new Justice Committee and the evidence submitted for this inquiry could well influence their work.”

ILM CEO, Matthew Lagden, said: “While news that the inquiry report will not be published is disappointing, it is clear from the extremely thorough letter setting out the committee’s recommendations, that the views of the charity sector were taken very seriously indeed.

“I think there is no doubt we had the impact we wished for and the ILM was both proud and grateful for the opportunity to be part of the evidence-giving process.”

*Prorogation, which took place on 24 May, marks the end of a parliamentary session.


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