Law Commission report now online  

September 27, 2017

The Law Commission’s final report on Technical Issues in Charity Law has now been published. The report was informed by the 2015 consultation paper and 2016 supplementary consultation paper. It contains recommendations that will remove unnecessary administrative and financial burdens faced by charities that are caused by inappropriate regulation and inefficient law, while safeguarding the public interest in ensuring that charities are properly run.

The report was discussed at the BWB seminar earlier this month, and the following key areas for charity legacies were highlighted:

  • Ex gratia payments
  • Changing purposes
  • Gifts to merged / incorporated charities – register of mergers
  • Trust corporation status for charitable companies and CIOs
  • Charities Act compliance of sale of properties

The report can be downloaded from (from the homepage, or click “Find a Project” and search “charity law”).


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