Looking back on our joint Legacy Giving Conference in York

November 12, 2017

The Institute of Legacy Management recently held its first joint Legacy Giving Conference with the Institute of Fundraising. The day was a great success, and here ILM’s Nichola Sims gives her views on the day … 

Despite the trains doing their best to stop us getting there, we had a great day in York at the first joint IoF and ILM Legacy Giving Conference. 

Featuring a cross section of speakers on both legacy fundraising and administration, the day was attended by a great cross section of smaller charities such as regional dementia charities and farming support as well as representatives from larger charities such as National Trust and Blue Cross. 

Having never worked in fundraising, I found the morning’s sessions inspirational and have to admit to wanting to change roles and take up the baton of sharing the wonderful work charities can achieve through legacy gifts.  Listening to Michael Clark talk about his experience at Cystic Fibrosis Trust reminded me that it’s easy to forget just how often charities touch our lives, and those of people we know – I’d forgotten that I knew two people who had CF, one a classmate who never made it to her exam years and another at Uni who seemed intent on living life to the full whilst he could. 

The main point of the day was to reflect and reinforce the joined up approach to legacy giving which we now hopefully all follow – without the work of legacy fundraisers, our charities would not receive so many gifts in wills, likewise without our expertise, those gifts might not be collected in and certainly not optimised to ensure our charities can carry on their amazing work. 

We’re all on the same team, and working with IoF to present joint events can only help our charities ensure that every donor’s last charitable gift achieves its greatest potential. 

By Nichola


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