Love Your Legacy Manager campaign to launch 25 September

June 7, 2024

The ILM’s Love Your Legacy Manager (LYLM) campaign will launch on Wednesday, 25 September.

With a tagline of Securing Your Financial Future and targeted at CEOs and senior managers within the charity sector, the campaign aims to create awareness of the importance of the legacy manager role and highlight legacies as an increasingly valuable income stream.

It will kick off with a webinar, in partnership with Legacy Foresight, whose team will be sharing the latest data on the future of legacy income – a figure which is expected to rise from the current £4 billion a year to over £5bn by 2033.

ILM CEO Matthew Lagden, said: “Over the next 20+ years, legacies will become ever more important as a source of income, yet we know that many legacy teams feel under-valued and under-resourced – often they are seen as the Cinderella of fundraising.

Earlier this year, when we asked members for their views on being a legacy manager, while it was overwhelmingly clear they love the job they do, they told us they struggle to be heard at the top table.

“Our campaign aims to fly the flag for legacy managers and, with help from Legacy Foresight’s experts, demonstrate just what an important and valuable contribution legacies can bring to the table. In turn, we hope this will help build investment and additional resource in legacy teams for the future and enable them to be seen as the experts they really are.”

The Love Your Legacy Manager campaign is designed to reach charities of all sizes, whether they have teams of legacy professionals or simply one or two individuals sharing their legacy duties across other roles.

How to take part

Ahead of the launch, the ILM is inviting members to send* in short video clips (max 20 seconds) on the topic what has been your proudest achievement as a legacy manager’. These will be used as part of the campaign, including on social media and a new LYLM web page. You can also share your success stories in written form by clicking here.

Matthew adds: “We know our members do fabulous things, so let’s tell everyone about them and show how legacies – and therefore legacy managers – are making a difference.

“It might be that a legacy has provided funding for additional hospice nurses, perhaps contributed towards buying a new ambulance; or it might be smaller activities such as funding education boards or building a new kennel at a rescue centre. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.”

As part of the campaign, legacy managers will be asked to invite their CEO to join them for a conversation by taking Time for Tea – with specially-designed Love Your Legacy Manager mugs** – please send your photos so we can use them in the newsletter and online.

There will also be a series of campaign materials available to download, including a CEO information pack containing:

  • a factsheet about the role of a legacy manager
  • mini case studies about some of the typical/unusual roles legacy managers often undertake
  • statistics demonstrating how much legacy managers contribute to charities
  • mini case studies about legacy manager success stories with examples of activities funded by legacies
  • highlights and quotes from the legacy manager survey

*The LYLM web page will provide a link to send video clips and stories.

**Details of how to apply for mugs will follow nearer the time.


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