MS Awareness Week

April 10, 2024

MS Awareness Week takes place 22-28 April, an event that ILM member, the MS Society, hopes will be bigger and better than ever before.

The charity has teamed up with six fellow MS organisations, including MS Together and MS Trust, to launch MS Unfiltered, a campaign designed to shine a light on MS topics that can feel taboo or difficult to talk about.

The charities hope MS Unfiltered will raise awareness about the huge range of symptoms and daily challenges faced by people with multiple sclerosis, creating a safe space for discussions about everything from bladder control to sexual dysfunction and cultural stigma.

The campaign will also be an opportunity to share the results of a recent community survey, which asked people about all MS symptoms which might be considered sensitive or embarrassing.

Throughout the week, MS Unfiltered will be sharing peoples’ stories, as well as support and resources for anyone affected by those topics.

For more information, visit MS Society.


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