New Legacy Foresight research projects

March 26, 2018

This year Legacy Foresight are planning two major new consortium research projects:  

Understanding legacy stewardship.  There is growing emphasis on ‘stewarding’ legacy pledgers and prospects, as a way of converting, retaining and growing the value of bequests from known supporters. But the tactics used, and the underlying objectives vary significantly from one charity to another.  And with such a long lag between communications and outcome, evidence on the impact and effectiveness of stewardship activity is inevitably limited. This project will aim to understand more about stewardship from both the charities’ and the donors’ perspective, using a combination of charity surveys, detailed case studies and in-depth supporter interviews. 

Baby boomers and legacies.  The boomers are a vital audience for legacy communications. This new project will comprise desk and consumer research, exploring the long-term drivers of boomer legacy giving alongside topical issues such as Brexit and the recent charity scandals. We will compare the oldest ‘core’ boomers (now in their sixties) with the ‘shadow’ boomers and the earliest Generation X (people now in their fifties). As well as providing valuable insight into the attitudes and expectations of these cohorts, we will use the findings to update our long-term market model.  

Proposals for both projects are being published together so that clients can make an informed choice of what to invest in over the coming year. Those charities who want to sign up to both projects are being offered a discount on the combined cost.  

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By Institute of Legacy Management


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