Bolt Burdon

Corporate Partner

Key Contacts

Natasha McKeeverNatasha McKeever CTAPS – Partner

DDI: +44 20 7288 4763
Mobile: +44 7785 545859

Natasha is a Partner and head of the Legacy team. She has considerable experience acting for charities and understands the importance of protecting legacies left to them. She has a varied caseload relating to legacy disputes and has extensive knowledge of these areas. Natasha always goes the extra mile and takes great pride in delighting her clients.

Alexa PayetAlexa Payet CTAPS – Partner

DDI +44 20 7288 4707
Mobile: +44 7887 217405

Alexa is a Partner in the Legacy team. She has particular expertise in Wills, Trusts and Inheritance disputes having undertaken the ACTAPS Associate Course. She regularly acts for charities in legacy disputes and understands the challenges faced by her charity clients and the charity sector in general. Alexa is passionate about protecting charitable legacies and ensuring that the deceased’s final wishes achieve their greatest potential.

Emma BrysonEmma Bryson CTAPS – Associate

DDI +44 20 7288 4714
Mobile: +44 7767 232023

Emma is an Associate Solicitor in the Legacy team. She is highly skilled in all aspects of contentious legacy administration and has a consistent track record of impressing her clients and achieving excellent results. She is sensitive to the needs of her charity clients and understands the importance of keeping the costs to a minimum. She will always seek to achieve the best outcome for her clients as swiftly as possible.

Olivia PisapiaOlivia Pisapia – Solicitor

DDI +44 20 7288 4754
Mobile: +44 7584 280946

Olivia is a Solicitor in the Legacy Team. She has experience in dealing with a wide range of legacy disputes and understands that each client’s case and needs are unique. She is adept at dealing with challenging cases and is quick to identify complex legal issues and devise an appropriate and effective strategy to win.


London: Providence House, Providence Place, London N1 0NT

Client Testimonial

“I would definitely recommend Bolt Burdon – it has been a very positive experience. The communication was excellent … the level of updates have been brilliant. I always felt like I had a handle on what was going on, with no-one hiding behind email. It was really good to be able to see from the outset what was involved at each stage of the process. The approach to pricing was great added value. The ability to choose between hourly rates and fixed fee at each stage of the process, with visibility over what was involved at each stage allowed me to use my experience and knowledge to get the best deal for the charity.”

About Bolt Burdon

We provide a full range of legal services to charity clients who seek a high level of service. We offer a fresh approach to legacy management to help ensure that every donor’s final wish achieves its greatest potential. We understand the demands placed on charities to maximise their legacies; our approach is all about finding the correct balanced outcome for our client. So, for example while we are sensitive to the needs of our charity clients to ensure the maximum return by maximising the legacies left to them by generous donors, we understand that this needs to be weighed against the risk of negative publicity and the costs of litigation.

Additionally, we know that funding is often a key consideration, so we offer a range of options for paying fees as well as reduced rates for our charity clients. One way to ensure that every donor’s final wish meets its greatest potential is to ensure that estates are not depleted by legal fees in fighting actions brought against the estate. We offer CFA’s, deferred funding arrangements and fixed fees so that our charity clients have a variety of choices when it comes to funding. This helps the charity ensure that any action they take is proportionate to the value of their legacy.

Our specialist legacy team, and indeed our firm, believe passionately in delivering exceptional service. Not only does our team have experience in both contentious and non-contentious aspects of legacy administration but we invest in our people to ensure we have up to date knowledge and any extra qualifications needed. Confident that we will exceed our clients’ expectations, we offer a Service Level Guarantee to our clients.

In addition to protecting legacies, we can provide advice regarding commercial contracts, employment law, and property issues.

We are always happy to talk on an initial no obligation and informal basis so please email or call one of the team. We very much look forward to working with you so you can share in our success and benefit from our fresh approach.