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Shah Alam, Co-Founder

Shah is a graduate of the City Law School, an experienced legacy manager, with a passion for the sector and an eagerness to increase value for charities. He previously managed gifts in wills for Macmillan Cancer Support and then went on to specialise in probate asset management, he has a knack for realising and maximising value for beneficiaries.  

This blend of legal expertise and a dedication to charity, led Shah to co-found clearanceco. The company reflects his commitment to sustainability, promoting recycling and re-use while supporting charitable causes. 

In his spare time, he is learning new skills of fatherhood (dismally). 

Shaynul Khan, Co-Founder

Shaynul is a seasoned management consultant who has spent 30 years championing change management within the Third Sector. His deep understanding of the challenges charities face has driven his impactful career.  

Shaynul is the founder and trustee of Nafas, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service, and Osmani Trust, a community organization in Tower Hamlets tackling issues like substance misuse, racial tensions, and unemployment.  

An avid cyclist and former weightlifter, Shaynul’s zest for life extends to organising and participating in fundraising events. His entry into sustainable probate clearances merges his desire to benefit both people and the environment. 

Together, Shah and Shaynul are a formidable duo in the sustainable probate house clearance space, combining their vast experience and innovative approaches to create lasting positive impacts. 

About Clearanceco

Clearanceco is the respected provider of sustainable property clearances nationwide. We have a zero landfill policy and provide a transparent service with full reports.  

Our human approach coupled with our commitment to identifying and maximising value from chattels for beneficiaries, makes us your perfect partner.  

Clearanceco’s holistic service offering ensures not only the best when it comes to physically clearing a property but our service ensures that items which are of value are identified and thereafter placed into the most appropriate mechanism of sale to ensure maximum return for the ultimate beneficiaries. (Reach out to us to have a hot drink and let us discuss some brilliant stories).  

Additionally, we are equipped to deal with those non legal tasks that usually end up costing the estate more than they should.  

That’s why, in addition to clearing the property, we offer services such as; lock changes, drain downs, meter readings and organising complimentary property valuations. This saves you looking for multiple contractors and ensures maximum value.  

Our motto at Clearanceco is “the better way to clear homes”. Get in touch today and let’s have that hot drink we spoke about earlier.  

Contact Details  

0208 0505 995

124 City Road