Penningtons Manches Charity Legacy Report 2017

June 29, 2017

On 28th June 2017, Penningtons Manches published its findings into the working relationship between legacy professionals and solicitors. The report found that there are varying degrees of frustration and unhappiness with a number of aspects of their working relationship, indicating clear scope for better understanding and collaboration between the two groups.

More on the research findings, and a short version of the final report, can be found here.

In response to the research findings, Institute of Legacy Management published the following statement:

“We welcome this research and the insight it provides into the crucial relationship between charity legacy professionals and solicitors. The problems highlighted are sadly very familiar to the Institute of Legacy Management and our members. We thank Penningtons Manches for providing a renewed focus on these issues and hope this research will act as a springboard for better understanding, improved communication and increased collaboration between charity legacy professionals and solicitors.

“The Institute of Legacy Management will continue to work hard to protect our shared capacity to ensure that every donor’s charitable legacy achieves its greatest potential.”


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