SRA finally shuts down Axiom Ince through intervention

October 5, 2023

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has disclosed that it has taken action to intervene in the operations of Axiom Ince, resulting in the immediate closure of the business.

It is our understanding that Gordons LLP have been instructed to act on behalf of the SRA in the intervention of Axiom Ince Solicitors. They are not a successor practice and have not taken over conduct of their matters. It is their intention to write to all former clients who have a live/ongoing matter and informing them that they will need to instruct new solicitors to deal with any outstanding matters.

We understand that there will be some concern about the Legacies and Estates that Axiom were managing due to the allegations of high level fraud.  We would therefore recommend that any correspondence from either the Executors and Gordons LLP in connection with these matters are shared and discussed with your co-beneficiaries so that we can work together to best protect much needed income for your charities.

If you need any support in connection with matters where Axiom Ince have been handling the administration of an estate, please reach out to one of our Corporate Partners for further advice.

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