The IDR Charity Claim Checker

September 14, 2023

It’s almost here…

The IDR Charity Claim Checker

If you were at the ILM earlier this year you may have caught eye of IDR Law’s stand showcasing the prototype for their Charity Claim Checker.

Next week will see the initial launch of their new tech product that helps charities with the facts when their legacy is faced with a challenge.

Being notified of a claim either by a letter or court proceedings, can induce a sense of panic. Having the flexibility to understand quickly where you stand with the type of claim gives you and your team the breathing space to set out the right strategies to deal with the challenge. The Claim Checker provides you with an immediate online overview of the claim within minutes and a yes/no or maybe report on a 1975 Act claim. If you have received court proceedings, you’ll be fast tracked to receive advice from their legal team within 24 hrs.

Find out more or register your interest to receive the link when it lands click here


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