Introduction to the course & its aims

The unique dilemma for the Legacy Manager or Legacy Officer is to balance legal requirements with charity practice, protecting and maximising the charity’s interest in an estate whilst preventing any negative publicity or general ill will towards them. 

The role of the Legacy Officer calls for us to some extent to become a jack of all trades whilst avoiding being a master of none. 

The various “trades” on which we will be called upon to have some knowledge and even personal hands on experience includes anything from undertaker (arranging not doing!) to bereavement counsellor; stock broker to probate expert; estate agent to tax accountant. 

Whilst it is unlikely, if not impossible, and certainly not necessary that you ever become an expert on all of these fields, your growing day to day experience together with continued professional development through the ILM training programme and other course attendance, should ensure that you have a working knowledge of how all these areas work and the impact they have on an estate and therefore your legacy income. 

The aim of this course is to build on your initial experience in your charity, showing you what needs doing and why, through the law which underpins our field of work and the best practice which can be followed and adapted to suit your particular circumstances. 

We hope you find the course not only helpful but enjoyable.