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November 2, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that our ILM CEO, Matthew Lagden, will be a judge at the esteemed Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Awards in April next year. These awards will honour the dedication of legacy management and fundraising professionals and provide a platform for collaboration within the sector. Your outstanding work in legacy giving at your respective charities is deserving of recognition and celebration!

For the 2024 Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Awards, the ILM is generously funding 18 seats for their members from smaller charities, who wish to enter the Legacy Giving Awards.

These bursary places will enable ILM members working within charities with smaller teams / lower levels of legacy income to attend the live awards ceremony in London on Thursday 18th April free of charge*

The ILM have put together this bursary programme to actively encourage entrants from charities whose budgets and resource are restricted, so that they might be at the live event, and benefit from being recognised and celebrated for their skill and hard work.

The ILM Bursary Criteria & Selection Process includes the following categories:

  • 18 Bursary places are available for current ILM members** working in a charity that received no more than £2 million legacy income in the last financial year.
Entries must be for one of the Legacy Administration focused categories which are as follows :
  1. Legacy Administrator 2024
  2. Legacy Administration Team of the Year
  3. Excellence in Dealing with Contested Wills
  4. Excellence in Working with Lay Executors
ILM bursary places will cover the cost of a seat at the awards day and ceremony in London on Thursday 18th April*

Winning a Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Award can have a profound impact on you and your charity, offering a multitude of benefits:

  1. Recognition of Dedication: These awards serve as a testament to the hard work, expertise, and unwavering commitment exhibited by you and your legacy team.
  2. Morale and Motivation: After navigating through some challenging years, winning an award can be a morale booster for your entire team, igniting fresh motivation.
  3. Showcasing Vital Contributions: It’s high time that all facets of legacy giving, which play an increasingly crucial role in sustaining the charity sector, are celebrated and acknowledged.

The great news is that you can nominate your teams, projects, or individuals for any of the award categories without any cost. We strongly urge each and every one of you in sharing your extraordinary legacy giving stories with the sector. If you feel that you or your team has an impactful legacy giving story to share, don’t hesitate to share it with the entire sector!

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to shine a spotlight on your achievements and the vital work you do. Together, we can make this event a true celebration of excellence in legacy giving.

Entry deadline extension! The new deadline to submit your entries is Friday 1st December. However, to qualify for this extension you must register and select your category (or categories) before Monday 20th November.

For anyone who may need a hand putting together their entry the awards team will be happy to give help and advice to get your entry submitted.

Please call Jamie Hawkins on 0333 1504 936 or email the team at



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