Essentials training

Our ever-popular Essentials and Advanced Essentials training courses are delivered online and cover all aspects of legacy management, from reading Wills and forecasting through to property sales and inheritance tax. The training is ideal for all those involved with legacy administration and management.

Sessions are run by experts and are completely interactive, offering delegates the opportunity to ask questions both during and after each session, and discuss issues with hosts and other students.

Core Knowledge

Our new e-learning system is designed for people who prefer to study at their own pace and in their own time. Providing in-depth information, each module offers students the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about a specific topic.

Written by an expert in their field, each module offers both online and printed materials followed by a multiple-choice test and a short essay. Students also receive a certificate upon completion.

Certificate in charity legacy administration

The Certificate in Charity Legacy Administration, known as CiCLA, is delivered in partnership with the University of Law and is the only nationally accredited legacy qualification in the UK.


The course is distance-learning so it can be undertaken at your own pace, when and where you like. Course materials consist of a pack of written materials divided into six units. Each unit includes a set of self-assessment exercises to help you set the work in a practical context.

Diploma in charity legacy management

ILM’s Diploma in Charity Legacy Management has been developed by ILM in partnership with the University of Law.

The course covers the principal areas of charity legacy management that practitioners are likely to encounter on a daily basis, providing progressive development of technical expertise and skills, reinforcing experience gained in the workplace.