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Probate Update

On this platform, we aim to provide you with comprehensive updates on probate matters, ensuring you stay well-informed about the latest developments. Explore the latest in probate updates by clicking the link below.

Claim Checker

Utilise the IDR Charity Claim Checker, an online tool for assessing the validity of the 1975 Act Claims for Legacy Officers. If you’re dealing with a potential claim, use the tool to help you navigate the situation.

For Charity Executors

If you’re aiding in the administration of a charitable estate, our tailored factsheets provide crucial insights, addressing questions about the information charities require and ensuring the Testator’s charitable wishes are fulfilled.

Charities as Beneficiaries

The third edition of Charities as Beneficiaries has been updated by expert contributors drawn from the Private Client Section Executive Committee and Wills and Equity Committee of the Law Society, the ILM, and solicitors in private practice.