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2024 ILM AWARD Nominations

We are delighted to announce that applications are open for the ILM Awards 2024.

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Legacy Professional of the Year

ILM Mentor of the Year 


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Legacy Professional of the Year

I continue to feel very proud and honoured to have won Legacy Professional of the Year, and it has been so wonderful to have my contribution to WaterAid’s work and the Legacy Team recognised by the ILM. We are a relatively small team, and winning the award has also helped raise the team’s profile internally, enabling greater understanding and appreciation of the work we do. It is also a fantastic confidence boost, and I would really encourage anyone who is thinking about nominating a colleague to do so – having that moment of acknowledgement in front of all of our peers is such a special experience.

Alison Rirsch

Senior Legacy Manager at WaterAid – winner of the Legacy Professional of the Year 2023