The Essentials Programme: Unit 2 (two-day course)

Event details

Date: 8th November 2018 - 9th November 2018
Time: 9.45am-4.30pm
Venue: Penningtons Manches, 125 Wood St, London EC2V 7AW
Who should attend: Those new to legacy management or with responsibility for legacy income within their charities, those who have completed Unit 1

This event has already happened.

The Essentials course will guide delegates through the essential information required to manage legacies effectively within the charity sector.

Whilst each unit is a stand-alone course, the three units progress through from the basics of legacy giving and probate law, to more complex areas such as taxation, property and non-English & Welsh jurisdictions.

In each area, it is essential that this technical expertise is partnered with sensitive communication, and the “softer skills” required to fulfil the role will also be covered, through sessions on communication skills, dealing with bereaved people and influencing.

The second unit looks at more complex issues arising during the administration of an estate, but once again, within the context of our Good Practice Guidance, and includes a full day of bereavement training – essential to anyone working in legacies.

Saving Charitable Gifts
The legal system is set up to do all it can to stop a charitable gift from failing and it is essential that legacy officers know what help is at hand, and in what circumstances they can be used.

As the major asset of many estates, it is vital that legacy officers are aware of the various issues involved, whether the property is a normal dwelling house being sold during the administration of the estate, or is being retained as part of a reversionary interest.

Bereavement Training
We believe that bereavement training is an essential skill which legacy officers should have, and we give one whole day of training to this core activity led by experts from Cruse Bereavement Care.