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Kath Horsley
Kathryn Horsley – Director of Analysis
Kath specialises in combining analytical rigour with excellent communications skills and now heads up the analysis part of the Legacy Futures business. Kath has worked on a variety of legacy forecasting and strategy projects for a range of different charities and has developed Legacy Foresight’s marketing evaluation product, which helps charities to quantify the return on investing in legacy marketing (and the timing of when that return will be realised).

Chris Farmelo
Chris Farmelo 
Chris Farmelo specialises in quantitative modelling, forecasting and scenario planning at Legacy Foresight. An economist by training, his expertise extends to pricing, revenue modelling and market sizing. What sets Chris’s work apart from more traditional econometric modelling is his interest in the impact of changing social and demographic structures and consumer behaviour – a key feature of the legacy sector.


Website: www.legacyforesight.co.uk
Email: k.horsley@legacyforesight.co.uk
Address: The Gridiron Building, Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG

Legacy Foresight are Britain’s foremost analysts of the legacy and in-memoriam sectors, offering four main services:

  • Benchmarking: Analysing performance data from groups of charities, to provide a timely snapshot of the latest trends.
  • Forecasting: Projecting income and donor numbers, to aid financial planning and risk management.
  • Research: Managing consortium projects on emerging issues, to understand opportunities and challenges.
  • Consultancy: Providing an objective perspective on legacy strategy and potential, to inform long-term decision-making.

Since their first project in 1994, Legacy Foresight have worked with over one-hundred clients, including twenty of the top twenty British fundraising brands.

Legacy Foresight is part of the Legacy Futures Group of companies which includes legacy administration experts, Legacy Link and strategic fundraising consultancy, Legacy Voice, enabling them to offer unprecedented expertise across the legacy and in-memory giving space.