Legacy Foresight

Corporate Partner

Legacy Foresight are Britain’s foremost analysts of the legacy and in-memoriam sectors, offering four main services:

  • Benchmarking: Analysing performance data from groups of charities, to provide a timely snapshot of the latest trends.
  • Forecasting: Projecting income and donor numbers, to aid financial planning and risk management.
  • Research: Managing consortium projects on emerging issues, to understand opportunities and challenges.
  • Consultancy: Providing an objective perspective on legacy strategy and potential, to inform long-term decision-making.

Since their first project in 1994, Legacy Foresight have worked with over one-hundred clients, including twenty of the top twenty British fundraising brands.


To obtain your free copy of this year’s Legacy Market Outlook Report ( a summary of the latest trends in the legacy market with projections for the coming five years), please contact m.abdy@legacyforesight.co.uk

Meg AbdyMeg Abdy – Director

Meg is responsible for project management and social research at Legacy Foresight.


Chris Farmelo – Director

Chris Farmelo specialises in quantitative modelling, forecasting and scenario planning at Legacy Foresight.


W: www.legacyforesight.co.uk
E: send email (m.abdy@legacyforesight.co.uk)
P: Ashingate, Novington Lane, East Chiltington, East Sussex, BN7 3AU