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Welcome to the professional development section of the website where you can find details of the courses, conferences and workshops on offer from ILM.

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Training elements


All members

Fortnightly half hour webinars on a range of topics of interest to all members. Inevitably these tend to have a topical feel to them.

They are available to re-watch, but after they have available for a week or so viewership inevitably drops away.

A number of topics tend to get repeated, although we try to keep it varied.

The material is delivered by a Corporate Partner, and there is generally only one Corporate Partner per webinar.

Recent topics include:

  • Spanish Probate and Covid-19
  • Will Making and Covid-19

2 hour online only seminars


We will run six of these per year, and they provide more in-depth training on particular areas that require more depth than can be delivered in half an hour.

They will tend to feature more than one Corporate Partner.

Recently scheduled topics include:

  • Brexit – four speakers covering the implications of Brexit for legacy income.
  • The property market – three speakers covering all aspects of the property market post Covid-19.

The fundamentals


These are composed of grouped courses from the new training system (typically three or four courses) which will give the student a thorough knowledge of an entire subject area.

A typical example would be:

  • The Fundamentals of tax

* Members who have completed CICLA (our entry level qualification) who want to develop their knowledge and skills in key areas.

Refresher courses


These will be individual courses from the e-learning system, on the more technical topics that students often find difficult to retain.

A typical example would be Inheritance Tax which many members struggle with.

Certificate in charity legacy administration

New entrants

This is our core, entry qualification, which all staff new to the profession (who are not otherwise legally qualified) should take.

It covers basic wills, probate and charity law.